Sentri End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Mask or nasal cannula the choice is yours.

Sentri is available as an adult mask and in three sizes of nasal cannula. Both permit the sampling of exhaled carbon dioxide in non-intubated patients during the administration of supplementary oxygen.


Sentri™ end tidal CO2 monitoring range

Capnography is vital during sedation
The increased use of conscious sedation has created a need for devices to monitor respiratory depression. The difference between conscious sedation and general anaesthesia is sometimes very small. It is possible during conscious sedationthat intravenous sedatives and narcotics administered to allay apprehension can result in the loss of consciousness and respiratory obstruction.

Sentri End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Sentri™ Intersurgical EcoLite™ mask kit

The unique design and materials used to manufacture the Intersurgical EcoLite mask provides improved patient comfort and a reduced environmental impact.

Sentri End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Detectors