Air Liquide Monnal T60

Touch and Breathe

Easily adapts to all environments requiring mobile intensive care.

Emergency ventilation
Mobility Designed for intensive care transport: extra, intra, inter-hospital and air transport
Natural Interface
Air transport


Monnal T60 easily adapts to all environments requiring mobile intensive care.

Air Liquide Monnal T60

Monnal T60® has been designed for mobile medical intervention in all intensive care environments, both inside and outside of a hospital setting. It puts into the hands of transport medical teams the highest standards of ventilation for critical patients, adults and children.

Monnal T60 is the companion for medical care teams to increase their effectiveness even more:

  • in land and air mobile units, helicopter, plane, long distance ambulance transport
  • during intra-hospital transport
  • in emergency and trauma rooms
  • in post-operative recovery rooms and intensive care units.

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