B. Braun Duplex Drug Delivery System

Providing Safety and Convenience


Dramatically reduces potential for medication errors.
Easy to learn and easy to use.


Two-chamber precision, for the right dose at the right time.

Not Manufactured with Latex, PVC or DEHP.

Duplex® is a ready-to-use dual-Chamber IV bag, stored with pre-filled diluent in the upper chamber and powdered drug in the lower chamber. It is conveniently activated at point of care, and administered with the right dose and at the right time.

B. Braun Duplex Drug Delivery System

Ready When You Are

  • Ready-to-use, two–compartment container keeps pre–measured medication and diluent separate until you’re ready to mix and administer
  • Two snaps and a shake is all it takes to admix during bedside activation
  • Helps save time and labor for pharmacy and nursing

Ready-to-Use Drug Delivery System

B. Braun Duplex Drug Delivery System
Cephalosporins in the DUPLEX® Container
B. Braun Duplex Drug Delivery System
Carbapenems in the DUPLEX® Container

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