Eveline Digital Ovulation Test

Pregnancy planning the modern way

Eveline was designed so 21st century parents can fully utilize the tech they already own…a smartphone. We believe additional gadgets and gizmos only complicate matters, and complexity is NOT what most couples on the TTC journey need more of.


Getting on the right path is simple

Our Eveline Ovulation Test contains everything you need to get your journey off to a smooth start.
Making your smartphone even smarter
Eveline transforms your smartphone into a modern fertility guide. We combine LH diagnostic strips with our patented Pixo® technology, which allows your phone camera to track LH surges with pinpoint accuracy. The Eveline APP simplifies the recording process and a smart algorithm calculates the ideal timing for intimacy.

Your unique cycles, our expert guidance
The Eveline team developed a smart algorithm that adjusts to your body. By tracking key health metrics along with your LH surge history, Eveline identifies each user’s unique cycle, maximizing the chances of pregnancy. We recommend using Eveline over multiple cycles, so the algorithm becomes even more targeted on your peak fertility window.