Secur Biop Biopsy Containers

Secure your health by reducing any exposure to formalin to zero.

Upgrade to the TOP safety standard for your operating room.

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Safe Biopsy Specimen Containers.

Enhance staff safety, efficiency and professionality during the biopsy procedures with SecurBiop®Prefilled Biopsy Containers.

Problem and Risk

During the biopsy procedure in the operating room, surgeons and nurses are always exposed to a certain level of risk* when they handle biopsies with the traditional prefilled containers.

*Formalin might accidentally spill on the skin; its vapours might affect the respiratory system & the eyes. Long-term risks.

Our Solution

Unlike any traditional container prefilled with formalin SecurBiop® has the formalin sealed in its cap by a membrane. Operators will never get into any direct contact nor inhale any vapour of formalin when they open the container to insert the specimen.

Thanks to our patented** technology and design, SecurBiop® releases formalin automatically from its cap into the container ONLY once is completely closed.

**Patents: n°102015000069945 n°TO2014A000949 n°WO2016/079611A1 n° 102016000056064 n°102017000001864


When it comes to quality & safety, SecurBiop® takes it seriously.

We strive for the most intelligent and comprehensive solutions, in order to deliver the best quality & value to your operating room.

Secur Biop - safe biopsy containers

Designed and produced by TRACES, SecurBiop® containers prefilled with formalin, with an advanced «closed system» technology, provide the safest and most professional way to collect, transport and store biopsy specimens. By prefilling formalin in the cap and sealing it with specialmembrane, we prevent surgeons and nurses from getting into contact (both direct and indirect) with such carcinogenic chemical.

Insert the specimen into the empty container, then simply close it by screwing the cap. The formalin will
automatically flow down from the cap. With 5 exclusive patents of TRACES, SecurBiop® and its unique design provide a perfectly hermetic sealing, preventing operators from facing all sorts of risks during biopsy procedures.